Comprehensive Storage For Hazardous Materials
Meador Warehousing & Distribution is prepared to handle a wide array of hazardous materials and haz-mat products. We are the only registered, certified hazardous materials storage and distribution facility serving the Port of Mobile. Meador’s hazardous materials warehouse facilities include specially designed chemical storage rooms of 5,000 Square Feet in Size.

Our hazardous materials warehouses facilities also include: 

  • Explosion Proof Wiring
  • Access only by EE Rated Electric, Explosion Proof, Fork Lifts.
  • Powered ventilators providing six air changes per hour.
  • Floors are recessed one (1) foot for hazardous materials containment purposes, keeping haz-mat spills or fire water from migrating off the property into lakes, streams, rivers, and other critical water sources.
  • Four (4) hour rated fire walls and fire doors with fusible links.
  • Equipped with A-FFF (FOAM) Fire Protection System, designed specifically for hazardous materials storage and handling.